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Hdnwj-10000 aseptic water tank

Hdnwj-10000 aseptic water tank
Hdnwj-10000 aseptic water tank
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1、 Equipment name: sterile water tank (sterile tank)

2、 Specification and model: hdnwj-10000

10 ton sterile tank (sterile tank)

3、 Equipment brand: Wenzhou Haineng wzhdn

4、 Product function description:

1. One of the key equipment in the production line is the sterilization buffer tank. Because of the problems of short aseptic time, unstable aseptic performance, low degree of automation and low output of domestic equipment. Based on the long-term research and development practice and the principle of similar advanced equipment abroad, we intend to make a deep theoretical discussion on the asepsis of the equipment, so as to facilitate the localization.

2. This series of containers have the function of heating and heat preservation, according to GB 150-89<<Technical conditions for steel pressure vessels>>Design, manufacture, pressure test and acceptance.

3. The volume is 100l-10000l and other specifications, which can also be designed and processed according to the actual needs of customers.

4, container insulation material adopts high temperature resistant, anti-aging whole pearl cotton insulation.

5. The interface is of international standard quick mounting chuck type. The inner liner is imported 316L or 304. The surface is mirror polished RA ≤ 0.28 m, and the outer surface is polished with matte, mirror, sandblasting or cold rolling primary color matte.

6. The tank body has liquid level gauge, air breathing port, thermometer, liquid inlet and outlet, circulating pump interface, manhole, CIP cleaning ball, mirror and sight light.

7. The system is used as buffer tank and storage tank for receiving sterile materials. It is mainly composed of tank body, valve group and control part.

8. The tank body is made of SUS304 stainless steel and the structure is jacket type. The maximum working pressure of the tank is 0.3MPa, and it can also withstand vacuum. The height of the tank leg can be adjusted. The top of the tank is equipped with a rotary cleaning ball, which can be switched to receive CIP to clean the tank body. A water distributor is arranged on the upper part of the jacket to facilitate the cooling of the tank after sterilization.  

Five. Safety performance:

1. Aseptic tank unit ensures the highest level of production safety through constant pressure and temperature control. It is one of the standards to install steam isolation control on the external equipment of aseptic tank. Therefore, a continuous aseptic production environment is achieved.

2. At present, with the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of various drinking water, drinks and dairy products is increasing day by day. Naturally, higher requirements are put forward for food packaging: long shelf life and unchanged taste. As a result, a variety of aseptic drinking water, beverages, aseptic milk, aseptic food and other aseptic products continue to emerge, and the market prospect is promising. This makes many food enterprises actively introduce foreign developed aseptic production lines. However, in order to save foreign exchange, we should try our best to introduce advanced equipment and equipment not available in China. If we can develop and manufacture by ourselves, we don't need to import them. It is precisely for this purpose that we develop aseptic tank system. This system is designed by our research group combined with the equipment of Sweden Tetra Pak and Japan Precision Research Institute.


1. As a aseptic tank unit, a sterile can connects the ultra-high temperature equipment and the packaging equipment. The aseptic time of aseptic tank is longer than the production time, which not only ensures the product quality of continuous production, but also avoids reheating of products due to production stop or overload of packaging line. Another advantage is that the sterilized intermediate storage tank of sterile products ensures that subsequent production can be carried out even in CIP.

2. Depending on the amount of product, the size of the tank can range from 0.5 to 20 tons.

3. The aseptic tank unit can be sterilized independently and can be flexibly connected to one or more production lines or packaging lines, so different products can be filled at the same time without manual mixing.


1. Steam sterilization of tank and valve group:

All tanks and pipelines in contact with sterile products shall be sterilized by steam. The steam temperature is 140 ℃ and the pressure is 0.27 MPa. It passes through two 25 μ m steam level filters. When the temperature of the tank rises to 115 ℃ and the temperature inside the tank is 140 ℃, the sterilization can start and last for 2400S.

2. Cooling of tank and valve block:

After the tank body is sterilized by steam, the cooling water is automatically ejected from the spray pipe in the jacket, and the temperature of the tank decreases, and the pressure in the tank decreases. In order to prevent the pressure from falling too fast, the pressure sensor at the bottom of the tank opens the solenoid valve and the regulating valve to pass sterile air into the tank to maintain the pressure balance of the tank. The cooling time is 900 s.

3. Filling:

In the process of filling and discharging materials, the deoiling sterile air enters the upper part of the tank through two air filters and pressure regulating valves of two 0.22 μ m machines, so that the pressure at the bottom of the tank is always constant, so as to ensure the stable feeding of the filling machine. At the same time, there is 0.1 MPa steam in the steam pipeline connected with the material pipe and aseptic valve to form a sterile barrier to ensure the aseptic filling process.

4. CIP cleaning:

CIP cleaning pipeline has two routes: after stopping production, the operator sends out the cleaning order, and the pipeline receives CIP cleaning fluid. One way cleans the tank body and pipeline through the rotary cleaning ball at the top of the pipe; the other cleans the filling machine and pipeline through several organically connected sterile valves. Because the inner wall of the tank and the pipeline are highly smooth, and there is no dead angle, bacteria can not stay, thus ensuring the sterility of the pipeline. Firstly, the inner wall of the tank is washed for 5min by alkali solution with concentration of 1% and temperature of 70 ℃, and then the tank is rinsed with cold water for 10min. If there is scale on the inner wall of the tank, clean it with 1% acid solution for 20min, and then clean it with clean water
1. The system equipment enjoys one-year free warranty, and the warranty date is calculated from the date of product acceptance, and consumable filter materials are not included.
2. In case of equipment quality problems (except caused by misoperation or unforeseen factors) within the warranty period, the supplier shall repair the equipment free of charge and be responsible for replacing the damaged parts.
3. After the expiration of the warranty period, only a certain amount of material fee and appropriate technical service fee will be charged.
4. In case of system failure, which cannot be solved by itself or by telephone, our technical maintenance personnel shall make solutions (including temporary measures) and schedule within 24 hours after receiving the written notice from the demander, and report to the competent leaders of both parties.
5. After the delivery of the equipment, our company will have engineers to pay a return visit to understand the operation of the equipment and provide technical services in a timely manner. We welcome any technical questions and we will reply in time.
(1) The user shall provide the detailed data of raw water test, so that our company can carry out relevant selection and arrangement calculation.
(2) The user shall explain the water quality requirements, use and water yield.
(3) Our company has a variety of pressure vessels, membranes, accessories, etc. if the user gives special instructions, we will try our best to meet the requirements.
(4) Our company provides installation and debugging for the designed and sold equipment and training for users' operation personnel.
(5) Our company implements the principle of one-year warranty and life-long service for users, establishes files and provides tracking service to ensure the quality level.
If the above-mentioned equipment fails to meet your requirements, please contact us. We will formulate detailed engineering scheme according to your actual situation to realize low-cost, high-efficiency and scientific process combination, so as to make water production meet your ideal requirements.


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