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HDNUV_ 60000 UV

HDNUV_ 60000 UV
HDNUV_ 60000 UV
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1、 Equipment name: UV sterilizer

2、 Specification and model: hdnuv-60000l

3、 Equipment brand: Wenzhou Haineng wzhdn

4、 Product Description:

UV is a kind of invisible light wave, which exists outside the UV end of the spectrum, so it is called UV. According to different wavelength range, it is divided into three bands: A, B and C. among them, the wavelength of band C is 240-260nm, which is the most effective sterilization band, and the strongest point of the wavelength is 253.7nm. Modern ultraviolet disinfection technology is based on modern epidemic prevention, optics, biology and physical chemistry, using specially designed high-efficiency, high-intensity and long-life C-band ultraviolet light generating device to irradiate water (air or solid surface) with strong ultraviolet C light. When water (air or solid surface) contains various bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and others After the pathogen is irradiated by UV-C light, the DNA structure in the cells is destroyed, so that the bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic bodies in the water can be killed without using any chemical drugs, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and purification.

5. Maintenance:

1. The best conditions for using ultraviolet sterilizer are:

◇ water temperature: 5 ℃ - 50 ℃;

◇ relative temperature: no more than 93% (at 25 ℃)

◇ voltage: 220 ± 10V 50Hz

◇ for the quality of drinking water entering the treatment equipment, the transmissivity of 1cm is 95% - 100%. If the water quality to be treated is lower than the national standard, for example, the chroma is higher than 15 degrees, the turbidity is higher than 5 degrees, and the iron content is higher than 0.3 mg / L, other purification and filtration methods shall be used first to make it reach the purification standard, and then ultraviolet sterilization equipment shall be used.

2. Regular inspection:

◇ ensure the normal operation of ultraviolet lamp. The ultraviolet lamp shall be kept on, and repeated switching will seriously affect the service life of the lamp.

3. Regular cleaning:

◇ according to the water quality, the UV lamp and quartz glass casing need to be cleaned regularly. Wipe the lamp with alcohol cotton ball or gauze to remove the dirt on the quartz glass casing and clean it, so as to avoid affecting the UV transmittance and the sterilization effect.

4. Lamp replacement:

◇ the imported lamp should be replaced after 9000 hours of continuous use or one year to ensure high sterilization rate. When replacing the light tube, first unplug the power socket of the light tube, pull out the light tube, then carefully insert the cleaned new light tube into the sterilizer, install the sealing ring, check for water leakage, and then plug in the power supply. Pay attention not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers, otherwise the germicidal effect will be affected by the stain.

5. Prevention of ultraviolet radiation:

◇ ultraviolet has strong killing power to bacteria and certain harm to human body. When starting the disinfection lamp, avoid direct exposure to human body, use protective glasses if necessary, and do not directly face the light source with eyes to avoid burning the eye film.

Our products are designed according to the principle of 253.7ao ultraviolet, which can destroy microbial DNA and cause death. It uses 304 or 316L stainless steel as the main material, high-purity quartz tube as casing, and high-performance quartz ultraviolet low-pressure mercury disinfection lamp tube. It has the advantages of strong bactericidal power, long service life, stable and reliable sub branch. Its bactericidal efficiency is ≥ 99%, and the service life of imported lamp tube is ≥ 90 00 hours, the product has been widely used in:

◇ Food processing industry water disinfection, including fruit juice, milk, beverage, beer, edible oil and all kinds of canned, cold drink products and other water equipment.

◇ disinfection of water for hospitals and laboratories, as well as disinfection of high-content pathogenic wastewater.

◇ Domestic water disinfection, including residential areas, office buildings, waterworks, hotel restaurants, etc.

◇ disinfect the cooling water for the production of biochemical pharmacy and cosmetics.

◇ Water purification and disinfection for aquatic products processing.

◇ Swimming pool and water entertainment facilities

◇ Swimming pool and water entertainment facilities Water disinfection。

◇ disinfect with water for sea water and fresh water seedling cultivation (fish, eel, shrimp, shellfish, etc.).

◇ ultra pure water for electronic industry, etc
7、 Product introduction:

The UV sterilizer provided by our factory takes stainless steel as the main material, high-purity quartz tube as the sleeve, and high-performance quartz UV low-pressure disinfection lamp tube. It has strong bactericidal power, long service life, stable and reliable operation, its bactericidal efficiency ≥ 99%, and the service life of imported lamp tube ≥ 9000 hours. It has been widely used in medicine, food, beverage, life, electronics and other fields.
1. The system equipment is entitled to one-year free warranty, the warranty date is calculated from the date of product acceptance, and the consumable filter material is not listed here.
2. In case of any equipment quality problem (except caused by misoperation or unforeseen factors) during the warranty period, the supplier shall repair it free of charge and replace the damaged parts.
3. After the expiration of the warranty period, only a certain material fee and appropriate technical service fee will be charged.
4. In case of system operation failure which cannot be solved by itself or by telephone, our technical maintenance personnel shall make solutions (including temporary measures) and schedule within 24 hours after receiving the written notice from the demander and report to the competent leaders of both parties.
5. After the delivery of the equipment, our company will have engineers to pay a return visit to understand the operation of the equipment and provide technical services in a timely manner. Users are welcome to ask any technical questions, and we will reply in time.
① the user shall provide detailed data of raw water test, so that our company can carry out relevant selection and arrangement calculation.
② the user shall explain the water quality requirements, use and water yield of the produced water.
③ our company has many types of pressure vessels, membranes, accessories, etc. if the user gives special instructions, we will try our best to meet the requirements.
④ our company provides installation and debugging for the designed and sold equipment and training for the user's operation personnel.
⑤ our company implements the principle of one-year equipment warranty and lifelong service for users, and establishes archives for tracking service to ensure the quality level.
If the above equipment fails to meet your requirements, please contact us, and we will make a detailed engineering plan according to your actual situation, to achieve a low-cost, high efficiency and scientific process combination, so that the water production can meet your ideal requirements.


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