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HDNRO-Model 500 two-stage plus 2000 one-stage reverse osmosis purified water equipment

HDNRO-Model 500 two-stage plus 2000 one-stage reverse osmosis purified water equipment
HDNRO-Model 500 two-stage plus 2000 one-stage reverse osmosis purified water equipment
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1、 Equipment name: automatic belt softening 0.5T secondary ro plus 2T primary ro purified water equipment

2、Specification: HDNRO- Level 2 500L+2 ton Level 1

3、 Equipment brand: Wenzhou Haineng wzhdn

4、 Product function description:

1. Softener:

The hardness of water mainly consists of cations: Ca and Mg. When the raw water with hardness passes through the cation resin layer of the softener, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are absorbed by the resin, and the sodium ions are released at the same time. In this way, the water flowing out of the exchanger is the softened water with hardness ions removed. When the resin adsorbing calcium and magnesium ions reaches a certain degree, the exchange capacity will be lost. At this time, the softener will automatically regenerate the failed resin according to the predetermined procedure, and the failed resin will be restored to sodium resin by using a higher concentration of sodium chloride solution through the resin.

2. Runxin control valve: the valve body is made of high-strength light corrosion-resistant engineering plastic and lead-free brass.

3. Anti corrosion tank body: the tank body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (carbon steel or stainless steel lined plastic tank body can be selected), with anti-corrosion, pressure resistance and long service life.

4. Uniform water distribution system: with jet water distribution, the effective exchange capacity of resin can be fully developed, and salt control is accurate without salt pump.

5. Imported high performance resin: strong acid cation exchange resin is selected, with low damage rate, uniform particle size, and improved ion exchange rate.

6. Working procedure of softener:

First, water is supplied, and untreated water passes through the resin layer to produce exchange reaction and soft water. Then backwash, water from the lower part of the resin layer, loosen the resin, remove the fine debris. Re feed brine for regeneration: use high concentration of brine (NaCl) to flow through the resin, and restore the failed resin to sodium resin. Then wash: according to the process of water supply, make the water wash away the excess salt liquid and regenerated calcium and magnesium ions. Finally, inject water into the salt tank to dissolve salt for next regeneration.

7. Installation requirements of softener:

(1) The foundation shall be level, and a floor drain or drainage ditch shall be set nearby to drain the regenerated wastewater. Independent power socket shall be set near the equipment.

(2) The salt tank shall be close to the exchange tank, and the shorter the salt suction pipe, the better.

(3) Y-type filter and water meter shall be installed on the water inlet pipe, and sampling port shall be set at the water outlet.

(4) A manual valve shall be installed on the water inlet and outlet pipes, and a bypass valve shall be set between the water inlet and outlet to continue the water supply during regeneration or maintenance.

(5) If the water pressure at the water inlet is lower than 0.2MPa, an automatic booster pump shall be added.

(6) The salt in the salt tank is required to be industrial salt. Iodized salt and calcium salt are not allowed. In order to ensure that the concentration of the salt solution in the salt tank can reach saturation, first ensure that the dissolution time is not less than 6 hours, and before the first use, force regeneration once.

(7) When the raw water hardness>When 6mmol / L, the selection of 1-2 grade should be increased.

(8) Before use, the pipeline must be flushed to avoid impurities blocking the valve body and polluting the resin.

(9) Anti freezing measures should be taken in winter in North China.

8. Time control:

The regeneration cycle is set according to the hourly output and periodic water production, which is generally suitable for the occasions with relatively stable water consumption.

9. Flow control:

It starts the regeneration program according to the periodic water production. When the equipment is running, the special flowmeter counts the total water production. When the total water production reaches the set periodic water production, the controller starts the regeneration program for automatic regeneration. The regeneration of the equipment has nothing to do with the operation time, which is generally suitable for the occasions of unstable water consumption and continuous water consumption.

10. Sand filtration:

It is a water filtration process with natural quartz sand, manganese sand and anthracite as filter materials. Generally, the sand particle size is 0.5-1.2mm, and the nonuniformity coefficient is 2. It is commonly used for water supply treatment after clarification (sedimentation) or advanced treatment after secondary treatment of sewage. According to the requirements of raw water and effluent water quality, it can have different filter layer thickness and filtering speed.

11. Carbon filter:

It is made of high-tech technology and special process. It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception and catalysis. It can effectively remove organics, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effect of decolorization and odor removal. It is an ideal new product in liquid purification industry.  

Five. Equipment parameters:

working pressure:0.2-0.5 MPa

◇ Raw water hardness:≤6mmol /L

The water hardness:0.03mmol/L

◇ operating temperature:2℃-50℃

◇ power supply: AC380V, 100A, 50Hz

◇ power: 2kW and 8kw

It is widely used to soften the make-up water of steam boiler, hot water boiler, exchanger, evaporation condenser, air conditioner, direct fired machine and other systems. It can also be used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartments, home and other domestic water treatment and softened water treatment in food, beverage, wine making, laundry, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, medicine and other industries.

7、 Parameters to be provided for user selection:

1、Water yield per unit hour (unit; 0.5 m3 / h + 2 m3 / h)

2、Source of raw water and its total hardness, total alkalinity and total salt content

3、Hardness of outlet water: less than 0.03mmol/l)

4、Water inlet pressure (unit: MPa), preferably between 0.25-0.35,

1. The system equipment is entitled to one-year free warranty, the warranty date is calculated from the date of product acceptance, and the consumable filter material is not listed here.
2. In case of any equipment quality problem (except caused by misoperation or unforeseen factors) during the warranty period, the supplier shall repair it free of charge and replace the damaged parts.
3. After the expiration of the warranty period, only a certain material fee and appropriate technical service fee will be charged.
4. In case of system operation failure which cannot be solved by itself or by telephone, our technical maintenance personnel shall make solutions (including temporary measures) and schedule within 24 hours after receiving the written notice from the demander and report to the competent leaders of both parties.
5. After the delivery of the equipment, our company will have engineers to pay a return visit to understand the operation of the equipment and provide technical services in a timely manner. Users are welcome to ask any technical questions, and we will reply in time.
① the user shall provide detailed data of raw water test, so that our company can carry out relevant selection and arrangement calculation.
② the user shall explain the water quality requirements, use and water yield of the produced water.
③ our company has many types of pressure vessels, membranes, accessories, etc. if the user gives special instructions, we will try our best to meet the requirements.
④ our company provides installation and debugging for the designed and sold equipment and training for the user's operation personnel.
⑤ our company implements the principle of one-year equipment warranty and lifelong service for users, and establishes archives for tracking service to ensure the quality level.
If the above equipment fails to meet your requirements, please contact us, and we will make a detailed engineering plan according to your actual situation, to achieve a low-cost, high efficiency and scientific process combination, so that the water production can meet your ideal requirements.


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