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Quality standard for secondary RO purified water equipment


Quality standard for secondary RO purified water equipment

This equipment is made by Wenzhou Haideng Environmental protection equipment Technology Co., LTD. It is a 1-ton automatic two-stage reverse osmosis purification water equipment (304 end cover).


(1) Chemical indicators: in line with the requirements of pharmaceutical purified water in the 2010 edition of the People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia;

(2) Hygiene inspection: microorganism 10CFU/100ml;

(3) Endotoxin 0.25EU/ mL;

(4) Conductivity ≤2μS/cm (resistivity ≥ 0.5 M ω * cm);

(5) Automatic control, simple and convenient operation;

(6) The whole set of equipment is made of stainless steel material, and the water tank is made of stainless steel for medicine;

(3) Equipped with water softener, ensure the RO system and EDI system due to the influence of hardness stable operation;

(4) Imported Hyde ultra low pressure reverse osmosis, high desalination rate, long service life, stable operation, low energy consumption reduced by 20%;

(5) The reverse osmosis system adopts automatic control, the main components are imported components, high stability, simple and convenient operation;

(6)EDI system adopts the constant pressure regulation system to ensure the stability of water quality;

(7) Using authentic original imported membrane reactor, stable performance, long service life, and through professional technology, to ensure that THE WATER quality remains stable when THE EDI system is shut down for a short time or a long time;

(8)EDI flowmeter adopts imported flowmeter, which can prevent damage to membrane reactor caused by non-concentrated aquatic water caused by concentrated water channel blockage or other equipment failure;

(9)EDI system is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization and membrane filter to ensure the stability of EDI water quality;

(10) With anhydrous protection and high and low pressure protection and other device safety functions;

(11) All water tanks adopt purified water and special water tanks, and equipped with pressure level meter, rotary spray cleaning and air breathing device;

(12) Equipped with ozone sterilization quality and quantity, and according to the best configuration design.


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