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Working principle of ultrafiltration equipment


Working principle of ultrafiltration equipment

This equipment is manufactured by Wenzhou Haidoneng Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. It is 12-ton automatic hollow ultrafiltration mineral water equipment with hourly production.


1. The main working process of UF water purifier is as follows;Municipal water through the water purifier inlet into the water purifier, first through the KDF filter to remove all kinds of heavy metals in the water, and then into the ultrafiltration membrane, filter out the water bacteria, viruses, algae, rust, colloid, sediment, macromolecular organic matter and other harmful substances.Then the water molecules through the ultrafiltration membrane wall 0.01 micron micro hole to penetrate the ultrafiltration membrane outside the outlet from the water purification, retain the minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body, for users to use.

2. Cleaning process;When your water purifier is used for a certain period of time (a week or so), it should be cleaned once. The specific method is: in order to make the intercepted objects in the ultrafiltration water purifier completely discharged, the ultrafiltration machine can be washed regularly.That is, first close the water tap, then open the flushing ball valve, by the rapid flow of water to wash away the intercepted material, can effectively prevent the ultrafiltration membrane clogging and prolong the service life of the filter element.

3, ultrafiltration is a screening process using membrane separation technology. The pressure difference on both sides of the membrane is the driving force. The ultrafiltration membrane is the filtering medium.The material whose volume is larger than the micropore size on the membrane surface is trapped in the inlet side of the membrane and becomes the concentrated solution, so as to realize the purpose of purification, separation and concentration of the original solution.


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