Car Myths Busted!

myth Myth: “My car must be serviced at a dealership to keep its warranty intact.” Fact: The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act gives owners of cars the freedom to choose where their vehicle is serviced and prohibits manufactures from voiding a vehicle’s warranty because service was performed by and independent garage. Myth:  “My car wears out and won’t last long.” Fact: If maintained properly, cars can last for hundreds of thousands or even millions of miles! Myth: “My car only has one air filter.” Fact: Most cars today have at least two air filters. The engine air filter and a cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is an option on most new vehicles and filter contaminants from the air coming into the car through the heating and cooling system. Both should be replaced. Myth: “On all wheel drive vehicles you don’t have to replace all four tires at once.” Fact: Tires that are mismatched by more than ¼ inch will make computer-controlled transmissions and transfer cases fail. Mismatched tires will cause catastrophic damage to transfer cases, differentials and transmissions. What is happening is the gears are acting as though they are in a turn all the time. Myth: “Once my vehicle is aligned I won’t have to worry about alignments again.” Fact: Stuff happens. You hit a pothole. You hit a curb. You have a small fender bender. All these things can knock the suspension out of alignment, causing the steering to vibrate and causing the tires to wear unevenly. This holds true for tire balancing because the same thing can happen to them. Tires should be checked for balance every second, third or fourth tire rotation or when you feel any unusual vibration or shimmy in the steering wheel. Don’t forget the spare. Myth: “I don’t have to worry about hoses, they last forever.” Fact: Hoses wear out and they crack and become squishy, especially near the clamps. Replacing a hose before it fails saves inconvenience and potential damage to the engine. Myth: “I never change my Belts.” Fact: Some older vehicles may have any number of belts, but most new vehicles have a serpentine belt and timing belt. The serpentine belt provides power to almost everything in your engine: power steering, cooling fan, air conditioning, air pump, to name a few. These belts can fail at any age because belts wear for a number of reasons. Replacing it is fairly easy and pretty affordable piece of preventive maintenance that could save you time and money. As for timing belts we’ll save that for another article. Happy Motoring

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