Aamco Pottsville how it began…

Snapshot_20140208_3Hi, my name is Tom Bashinsky.  I own the AAMCO in Pottsville, PA since 1991, and I have worked there since 1980. Whoa.... long time! I know that is a long time. It has taken me many years to finally start this blog. It was an idea I had for a long time inspired by customers encouraging me to share my experiences and knowledge I learned about the automotive business. One day one of my customers suggested a blog! Blog, I thought what the hell is a blog??…. Of course I had to find out about blogging, so I did some research. Yep, you guessed it, I googled it. And now here I am.…             AAMCO of Pottsville, PA started back in 1965 and was one of the first 50 AAMCO centers in the country. During the 1950's more and more vehicles were being produced with automatic transmissions so AAMCO Transmissions started in Philadelphia to meet this need. AAMCO has almost 1,000 automotive repair centers in the US and Canada. In the last 7 years AAMCO added full service bays to start doing all types of vehicle repairs and services. Now forward to 1980. This is the year I came on board to “only” help my father-in-law establish another AAMCO center in Hazleton, PA. I thought this position was only temporary because I had other plans. I wanted to work for the federal government. However, during this time there was a freeze on all federal hiring. My father-in-law already had a business partner who was going to manage the Hazleton center, but due to medical reasons, he backed out of the business. The opening day for the new center was approaching quickly with no one to manage the new center. When opening day arrived, I received a call at the Hazleton store from my father-in-law who told me to just hang around and answer the phones for a while. Whoa, what an experience! All I did that day was greet customers, smile, excuse myself, and run to the back office to call my father-in-law to ask him what to do. Well, let’s fast forward to 2014.  Thirty-four years later, I am still with AAMCO! In spite of all my hard knocks, bumps, bruises, and learning experiences, that opening day in 1980 seems like yesterday - time really does fly when you are passionate about what you are doing.           In the coming weeks I plan on sharing my experiences, knowledge and opinions about the car world. Join my discussions on automotive repairs, services, purchases, and everything in between. I want to use my experiences and knowledge to be a big help in any way I can! So please feel free to ask me questions. I would love to answer any questions you may have. That is all for now - I'll be talking more “auto talk” soon. Happy motoring.


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